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I’m Back!

Hey everyone!  Welcome to my NEW and IMPROVED blog, Natural Health Momma!  I’m so excited to be here and get back to blogging again!  I’ve missed it so much!  I decided to hit the road from and move on over to for a few reasons!

First, the name change!  I am @naturalhealthmomma on instagram and I just LOVE it!  The name suits me so well and I love the community there!  I have also missed the WP community too!

Second, LLN (lovelifenaturally) was self hosted.  I had no idea of the work that it takes to self host a blog… and the money… and the knowledge! Yikes!  My blog was booming and then once I switched, no one could find my blog!  I spent so much time and energy trying to figure out how people could find my blog again, that my blogging dwindled and I lost motivation.  I missed out on why I started blogging in the first place… photography, health, writing, helping people change their health for the better!  Those are my passions, and self-hosting really took the joy of blogging away from me.  I couldn’t just get on and write, I had to write, add backlinks, and add a million other steps, before I could post a blog post!  That was just no fun.

Third, protection from hackers!  I started having lots of problems with my site and then I had to pay another company to protect it.  Self hosting not only is a huge full time commitment, but a huge money pit… and I don’t do it for the money!  It is passion.

So, I hope you accept me back Word Press Fam!  I’ve missed you!  Feel free to search past recipes and health info and follow along for more good stuff to come!


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