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Eat Seasonally For Better Health

Eat Seasonally

What’s in Season?  It is hard to say at any time during the year.  We have access to almost every food year round! As much as it is a blessing to have access to so much food and variety, eating seasonally does have a purpose. It is comforting knowing that each season brings new “fruit,” that each season has a purpose, and our God made it that way for a reason!

Reasons to Eat Seasonally

1. Flavor

Have you ever picked a ripe tomato off the vine, that has fully ripened in the sun, perhaps in your own back yard?  The flavor is incredible!  Drizzle with a little olive oil and fresh homegrown basil, and it is so packed with flavor the store-bought tomatoes will never live up to it, organic or not!  Freshly picked, local produce does not need to travel thousands of miles so it can be ripened right there on the tree, vine or plant to ensure its vibrant color and amazing flavor.

2. Higher Antioxidants

The longer produce stays attached to its plant, the more nourishment it can get from the sun and soil.  Fully developed produce will have a higher level of antioxidants, naturally!

3. Cost

Seasonal produce doesn’t usually have to travel thousands of miles to reach us.  Much of it can be locally grown, hence lowering the cost.  Also, if apples are in season, for example, there is going to be an over-supply of apples, hence lowering the cost! It’s a supply and demand kinda world!

4. Variety of Nutrients and Flavors

I don’t think it’s an accident that heartier vegetables and gourds are grown in the fall and winter months.  It is cooler and our bodies need warm filling foods to keep us nourished through winter.  Spring and summer bring a lighter variety of foods. Every few months we get a change of variety of flavors, nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, and textures.  We can get adventurous and try new foods and ingredients to spice things up a bit.  Eating seasonally can take us out of our comfort zone.

5. Get in Community

Know your farmer!  Okay so not all of us live in farm country, but more and more farmers markets are popping up all over.  Find out when yours is in your town, and GO!  Make it a regular event!  Take the kids, and make it educational!  Ask your farmer questions, like the best ways to cook or prepare something you haven’t tried before.

If you don’t have one or can’t make it to the farmers market regularly, think about joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  They deliver fresh organic and seasonally grown produce right to your front door!  Local Harvest can help find one near you!

6. Organic and/or Pesticide Free

One reason I just LOVE shopping at my farmers market is not only is the produce exceptionally tasty and fresh, it is CHEAP, and pesticide free!  I am not paying for the “organic” label and I’m trusting my farmer!  To get that “USDA Organic” label, farmers have to go through so much, and PAY so many fee’s, so in the end, we pay for it!  Eating seasonally, helps.  There is no need to add pesticides, waxes, chemicals or preservatives to make the food look more appealing for us.  It’s naturally beautiful!

Eat seasonally



7. Get Busy in the Kitchen

There is nothing like home cooking. Honestly, it wasn’t until I joined a CSA that my perspective on food and its value began to shift!  I began experiencing new flavors and trying things I had never heard of before.  Its made me a better cook, and an adventurous eater (okay and traveling overseas helped a bit with that too!).  But it is easy to get stuck in a rut with cooking the same foods.  Its time to get out of your comfort zone and shop, cook, and eat seasonally!

8. Trusting in the Lords Plan~ Eat Seasonally

God created it this way for a reason.  He knows what is best for our nourishment!  Following His plan for our nutrition and health makes us more aware and appreciative of the beauty around us.  It is the simple things that bring us the most joy.  I find such beauty in a fresh bunch of asparagus and appreciate the farmer who grew it!  We can trust the Lord that if we eat the way He designed, our food will be nourishing and good for us!

eat seasonally
My twins visiting an apple farm!

It takes practice and even a little guidance to get into the swing of eating seasonally.  I found a great guide from Whole 9 to get you on your way…  Download and print for your reverence!



Keep it clean, Keep it natural!  From my Natural Health Blog to you!



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