Your TOP Health and Clean Eating Questions Answered!

This is me, taken this week on the way to the wellness event!

This past year has been one of the hardest years I have had in a very long time.  I have struggled physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  However, during this time, I clung, with everything that I had, to the one I know will never let me down, Jesus.  This past year has been a year of emotional hurts, spiritual attacks, a loss of my health, BUT also one of major growth!

During this painful time, I couldn’t wait for it to be over (painful experiences are never easy), but I knew God was going to use it to teach me, if I allowed him.  And man did he teach me so much!  One of my regular prayers over the last year has been for God to use me.  Little did I know what he had in store for me!

During the past year of trials, this is what he showed me… That he loves ME so much!  Yes we all know the song “Jesus Loves Me this I know…” but it is really unbelievable when you pray for God to show you how much he loves you… and then He does! Wow! That vision in itself was life changing. The second thing God taught me was that I need to look ONLY to Him for approval and never to others, for if I am pleasing the Lord, I am on the right track. I am not perfect, I make mistakes.  I am so thankful for a loving savior who can forgive over and over and over.  And third, that I cannot keep the miracles he has done in my life, to myself.  I need to share with others to help others.  I realized that my story isn’t my story at all, it was His story.  I am just one vessel, who he has used and blessed.  I am nothing without him.

Here is what God has decided to do… I had a speaking engagement this week for the first time telling my story… HIS story.  When I prayerfully decided to start my blog, it was a leap of faith to share with all my readers of my health struggles.  However, writing is a thousand times easier than standing up in public and sharing a personal journey to a bunch of people you don’t know.  It was very hard and emotional for me, but I was ready.  I knew God was preparing me for this.  I truly believe he wants a healing to come to his people and I am so lucky to be part of it!

I asked all of you on my FACEBOOK PAGE for a little help in preparing by asking you to ask ME anything you want, promising I would write a blog post answering them 🙂  So, here we go…

Your Top Health and Clean Eating Questions Answered

Questions you asked me via Facebook

Renee asked, “What do you consider to be the most important, & most time-efficient ‘life hacks’ to maintain a healthy lifestyle?”

Answer:  Definitely menu planning.  We have likely all heard the saying, “fail to plan, plan to fail.”  It is so true.  Mondays are typically are menu planning and shopping days.  That not only saves me time, but money!  Health begins with what we put in our bodies and that begins in our kitchens.  Please download my FREE printable to get you on the right track… Weekly Meal Planner

Leigh asked,  “what are some easy healthy snack things to eat for lunch or dinner. Quick on the run but healthy and gluten-free:)”

Answer: For snacks, some things we always have on hand are nuts and dried fruit, homemade larabars (or store-bought if I’m in a pinch!), homemade muffins made with almond flour, cottage cheese, Fage greek yogurt, veggies and hummus, hard-boiled eggs, green smoothies, or all natural turkey jerky.  I would really recommend baking a whole chicken at the beginning of the week, some brown rice or quinoa, boiled eggs and grilling some veggies!  You can then make easy lunches and dinners from them… burritos with a brown rice tortilla (Trader Joes), Kale salads, brown rice pasta with marinara, veggies and chicken,

Jennifer asked: “How do you balance a busy schedule, job, kids, and a husband and still keep up with recipes, grocery shopping, and making everything from scratch? Tips tricks and downfalls…Congrats you are the right person for the task!”

Answer: Thank you Jennifer!  Life is CRAZY busy right now for me definitely with two toddler boys, a husband, a dog, a cat, a fish, a house to take care of and a blog that I am oh so passionate about! I really have to give God all the glory for this one!  If I didn’t start my day with HIM first, I don’t think I would be able to accomplish all that I do!  He gives me the strength and the rest I need to make it through the day! However, there are definitely days where I am so exhausted that we do order out for dinner… usually a very clean Thai Food restaurant or Italian (our favorite food! Skipping the bread and pasta!)!  But, it is ALL about the planning and making your health a priority!  I plan, plan, plan, for each week!  I shop online for a lot of items so I don’t have to run around to so many places!  Amazon is my store of choice 😉  I can buy in bulk on all my favorite super foods, etc. and they have FREE two-day shipping with a prime account!  TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Renee asked: “How Exciting The main question I have is . . . How to Shop to Eat Healthier? The Ins and Outs and the Be Aware Ofs, etc.

Answer:  Great question!  It all began for me with reading ingredients.  Once I began reading ingredients, the less “prepackaged” foods I would buy and the more “from scratch” foods I had to make!  It is pretty appalling what they poison our food with!  “Food can be the greatest source of healing or medicine or the greatest form of poison!”  I love that quote, not sure who wrote it?!  My main bit of advice is to STAY AWAY from foods with high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, food coloring/dyes, processed sugars, artificial ingredients, anything low-fat, fat-free, calorie free, even milk is processed if they take out fat!  We eat WHOLE FAT milk and yogurt… Organic of course!

Lauren asked: “Oh my gosh I’m so proud of you! I know you will be amazing! I’ll be praying for you!  How do you keep healthy eating fun and fresh, not get in a rut. Is meal planning a must? If so when do you shop and prep (all in one day, throughout the week?)”

Answer:  Awe thanks Lauren!!  I love your confidence in me!  I think we all get in ruts sometimes, right?  When I’m in need of some inspiration, I google “clean eating meals,” “paleo dinners,” “clean eating breakfasts,” etc for new ideas!  I tend to get ideas from there, but then throw my own twists on recipes.  For example I use different seasonings, cooking oils, whole fat cheeses, etc.  Not sure why so many are still scared of fat?  I plan meals at the beginning of the week, but tend to make snacks and things throughout!

Diane stated “Reading what you post then following and believing is a trust issue….where to you get your ingredients and where did you get your training. To me this is the heart of the message”

Answer: Thank you Diane for your question!  I’m curious about your skepticism…  Do you have health issues currently?  What ways have you tried to heal or improve your health?  I would love for you to read more about my story HERE.  However, to answer your questions… I have a background in personal training, and am a certificated Health Science Educator, however my kids have been my BIGGEST inspirations!  I consider myself a lifelong learner.  I research, I study, I apply, and share my personal experience.  That is it!  I use Gods ingredients and stay away from man-made ingredients.  I use all natural supplements to heal my body, again Gods ingredients, not mans.  So therefore, if it’s a trust issue, I would HIGHLY suggest praying about it!  Ask God to show you his ways to better your health! I am just a mommy blogger, sharing my journey with you!  God has taken me from sickness to health and healing.  I am set free from the terrible effects of Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, only through Christ, who has guided my every step.  Please feel free to email me if you have more questions!  I would love to help you further and guide you in any way I can!

Nicole asked “Meal planning is always a challenge for me, as I’m sure it is for most parents. Easy ways to accomplish this task would be helpful. I would love for someone to write a grocery list and provide recipes for the week. I would totally buy that!!! Hint hint lol.. Proud of you girl, you’re going to rock this!!”

Answer: Thank you Nicole!!!  What a fab idea!  I think I will work on that!!  In the mean time… download and PRINT my easy meal planner above!!!!  When you make dinner, make enough for leftovers for lunches.  I shop at Trader Joes and they have so many healthy options there… I buy 85% of our groceries!

Jodi asked “If you only had 100$ for food and gas for your car for four days how would you eat clean with five ingredients and where would you buy your food from.”

Answer: What a tough one!  My car takes $70 to fill up.  That leaves me $30.  I would buy a whole chicken ($10), a bunch of Kale($2), a bag of brown rice ($3), eggs ($4), apples ($5).  That would be $24, and I would have $6 left.  The options are endless with these! 🙂

I hope I answered all of your questions!  If you have more for me… Leave me a comment!!!

Keep it clean, keep it natural!  From my natural Health blog to you!


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    1. Thank you Jessica! That was the hardest question! haha! I’m so happy to share and glad to hear that you are getting a blessing from my journey! 🙂


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