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Forget “Diet” And “Lose Weight” Resolutions – This Is SO Much Better!

 Real Food Challenge

Take steps this year to change your health for good! Try this NATURAL HEALTH and REAL FOOD challenge. It’s simple! Pick one or three of these to focus on each month…

1. Read ingredients of your food.  If it has preservatives, chemicals, or anything unnatural, Throw it out! Focus on raw, colorful produce, protein, and foods as close to their natural state as possible i.e brown rice, rolled oats, whole milk etc.

2. Menu plan. Shop. Cook.

3. Drink plenty of filtered water. Carry your favorite water bottle with you and keep filling it up! Stop buying use-and-toss plastic water bottles from the stores.  They create waste and all plastics are terrible for you.

4. Listen to your body.  Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are satisfied and not full!

5. Drink a green smoothie or juice once a day for mega nutrition and energy!

6. If you drink coffee.  THROW OUT any unnatural creamers.  Drink it black or use real cream and sweeten with natural sweeteners, such as agave or coconut sugar.

7. Pack your lunch!  Pack fruit, greek yogurt, nuts, dried fruit, hard-boiled eggs for snack and  leftovers from dinner for lunch or make a big salad with lean protein and olive oil/balsamic dressing.

8 Get a hot plate or toaster oven to heat your food and kick your microwave to the curb.

9. Eat breakfast every day with quality protein! Farm fresh eggs, natural sausages or nitrate-free bacon, sautéed spinach, toast, such as Ezekiel or another favorite all natural brand. Or start your day with a green smoothie and plain greek yogurt, like Fage, add your own raw honey and/or fruit to sweeten!

10. Don’t obsess over the gym. Get 30 to 60 minutes of exercise daily.  Go for a bike ride, walk, hike,  take yoga, or kick boxing, strength train… It doesn’t matter what you do, just BE CONSISTENT and be active.

11. Get your D. Most people are deficient.  Optimal levels of Vitamin D are between 50-70.  Levels of 70-100 help treat cancer and heart Disease. Get your levels checked. Go outside without sunscreen for at least 15 minutes everyday. Take a supplement if needed.

12. Use Natural Cosmetics.  Most are filled with toxic ingredients that are detrimental to your health.  Throw out anything with chemicals and preservatives. Skin is our largest organ and it absorbs everything we put on it.

13. Start making your own cleaning supplies using vinegar or purchasing non-toxic ones, like Seventh Generation.

12. REST.  Get plenty of sleep.  Have down time.  Don’t feel like you must have it all together all the time.

13. Enjoy and be Thankful for all that you are blessed with.  Each day we wake up, and breath is a gift!

Make THIS NEW YEAR, a year of life changes… NOT RESOLUTIONS!  Happy New Year! 

3 thoughts on “Forget “Diet” And “Lose Weight” Resolutions – This Is SO Much Better!

  1. Word, sister. I totally agree with ALL of these. To elaborate a bit on your point numero uno – an easy way to do this is to not buy anything with a label! I know that’s a BIG step for some people and it might be worthwhile to do it one item at a time, but I rarely go into the “inside” isles of the grocery store or market. Fresh veggies, locally seasonal fruit, pastured meat from the butcher, real, GMO free grains. The only thing that I buy regularly that contains a label: Alcohol. It’s a little idealistic to remove EVERYTHING that has labels – I still get the occasional hot dog or box of honey nut cherrios – but generally speaking, if there’s no label to check, you don’t have to figure them out.

    Thank you so much for linking up with Fresh Food Wednesday! Have a great week – hope to see you this Wednesday with more fresh food posts! xo, kristy


    1. Thanks for elaborating on number 1! I agree completely! I would love to say that I make EVERYTHING from scratch, but that is just not possible. Once we decided to become REAL FOODIES, I did have to read ingredients for a while until we knew what was natural and what wasn’t. Some things we eat with labels… cheese, (shredded cheese has an anti-caking agent so we won’t buy), crackers (ak-mak), corn tortillas, brown rice tortilla’s (I will not buy anywhere but a natural food store!), yogurt (many have artificial or processed ingredients).


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