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Raw Superfood Energy Bars

Raw Superfood energy bars


When you think of a superfood what do you think of?  For myself, I think of something a superhero would eat.  They would be able to  fly around the globe and have their pick of each countries superfood, giving them amazing power and strength!  Like super hero’s, in many cultures, warriors would eat Superfoods before going into battle giving them the endurance and strength they needed to fight.

What is a Superfood?  They are a nutrient dense powerhouse that provides your body vital nutrients to ensure it will run its best… Think high energy, combating disease and illnesses, fighting infection, prevention, etc.  What is so awesome about superfoods are the fact that each region has their own!  With modern technology and transportation, we now have access to some of the worlds most valuable nutrient powerhouses (Maca, Chia, Goji, Kale, walnuts and blueberries to name a few).

These bars are packed with raw super foods to maintain the highest amount of nutrients possible (cooking and baking causes many foods to lose nutrients).  They are grain free. Grains do offer some nutrition, but are far from a superfood, therefore I didn’t want to include any.  Get ready for some energy!

Raw Superfood Energy Bars

Ingredients (all raw)

I keep all of my “superfoods” in recycled jars so I can see what I need in the pantry
Begin by measuring out the nuts that need to be ground


Raw Superfood energy bars
Grind in either a food processor or blender


Raw Superfood energy bars
I didn’t have cacao powder, but I had nibs, so I just made powder in the blender


Raw Superfood energy bars
In a large bowl, add all dry ingredients and mix together.


Raw Superfood energy bars
In a separate bowl, add the almond butter, coconut oil and honey.



Raw Superfood energy bars
Stir until combined.


Raw Superfood energy bars
Add the nut butter mixture to the dry ingredients and mix until everything is well coated.


Raw Superfood energy bars
Press into a 8×11 baking pan and refrigerate for three hours. The coconut oil, nut butter, and honey will help it all hold together.


Raw Superfood energy bars
Enjoy your raw superfood energy bar and feel like a superhero!


Have you added any superfoods in your diet?  What are your favorites and how do you like to eat them? SHARE!

3 thoughts on “Raw Superfood Energy Bars

  1. I just made this. Waiting for the refrigeration time to be over!! I mixed it up a little. I used pecans instead of brazil nuts & peanut butter instead of almond butter. A bit excited to taste it!


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