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Are you ready for a dramatic health Change? Removing the toxins will change your life!

Removing Toxins

I’ve told you my story, how and why I started living life more naturally.  I written about toxins/chemicals found in food, in our body products, and in our cleaning products.  I want to dig a little deeper, and first tell you what I have noticed.  The more toxins I remove from my life, the better I feel and the leaner I am getting.  Why?  Did you know that toxins are stored in you body fat?  That is right!  The more toxins in your body, the harder it is to lose weight, and the greater chance you have at getting a life threatening disease like cancer!

Remove the toxins, prevent cancer and lose weight. Sounds like a win-win! Yes, I have heard people say, “we are all going to die anyway, what is the big deal?” Well, from a Christian perspective, God has given our life purpose.  He has a destiny for each of us.  He has also given us sound mind to make good decisions for our families.  How can we do what God wants for us, if we are sick?  I do not believe that Gods destiny for us is to be sick, tired, sluggish, overweight, or sick with the deadly disease, Cancer.  We have a choice, do our best (yes, some toxins are unavoidable and we cannot live in a bubble) to be healthy so we are able to do His will… or not!

“I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life so that you and your children may live.” Deuteronomy 30:19


Six toxins to remove from you life now!

 1. Household Cleaners  I know I talked about it before, but it is one we can easily change! Everyday cleaners that the grocery stores are stocked with are full chemicals that are hazardous to your health. Cleaning supply’s release fumes into the air, which you breath in and also get sucked up into air vents (which is why you need to change your air filter yearly) and are circulated through the house. They leave a residue and can get absorbed into your skin or into your food!

  • What to do? Make your own cleaning supplies with vinegar for a very cost-effective and effective way to clean and sanitize. You can also find natural cleaning alternatives, such as Seventh Generation, Babyganics, or Dr. Bronner’s!


2. Air Fresheners and Candles– How many of you know someone who gets a headache when they walk into a Yankee Candle store? I sure do!  What makes those candles smell so amazing?  No it is not actual Pumpkin spices, pine or cinnamon, they are DANGEROUS BENZENE CHEMICALS  and which, according to are a well-known Carcinogen!  They also contain the chemical phthalates, which can cause birth defects, hormone imbalance and infertility.  That  is scary!

  • What to do? Open a window and let the fresh air in! Use essential oils for a fresh scent!  Look for safe room fresheners that use only natural ingredients. 


3. Skin Care products That is right, your favorite soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, and lotions are full of chemicals and unnatural ingredients that can cause an array of health problems. Parabens, sodium laurel sulfates (SLS), and many others are packed in these so-called “safe” body care products.

  • What to do?  I personally make a lot of my own products which you can find recipes for here, but there are plenty of safe alternatives on the market.  They just cost a bit more that the ones that cause cancer.  Jason’s, Avalon Organics and Tom’s are some of the non-toxic brands that I know Ralph’s carries, but there are many more! As for deodorant, the only one that works for me is the one I make! That recipe can be found here.


4Cookware-  This is one I am still in the process of working on!  I am saving every little penny I get to remove my toxic cookware!  Everyone loves their non-stick pans!  I did too… until I found out how DEADLY and I mean DEADLY they are!  Each time you heat your pan all of those chemicals made to keep your food from sticking actually leaches into your food!  Not only that, did you know there are WARNING labels for these pans saying that will harm your small pets and birds (not to mention your children!).  These labels are the ones they know you aren’t going to read and throw away.


  • What to do? Invest in some good cookware nontoxic cookware!  Williams and Sanoma has some great options.  Ceramic cookware is also a great alternative.


5. Water- Tap water has been treated with Chlorine , Fluoride, and over 300 + chemicals! Chemicals chemicals chemicals!  They are everywhere! No we cannot hide from of all them, but we can sure do our best to keep them out of our bodies! How do these chemicals harm our bodies? Fluoridated water for children has been linked to higher rates of bone cancer, immune problems, birth defects, lower IQ, and prenatal death!

  • What to do? Install a water filter! Stop drinking tap water out in public too!


6Mold- So many people live with Mold toxicity and they don’t even know it! Many of the symptoms include, fatigue, headaches, allergies, asthma, itchy eyes, loss of appetite, nose bleeds, vomiting and many more!

  • What to do? Remove the mold!  We personally had a leak in our previous residence and had a mold issue. What a nightmare! We had to hire a special company to safely remove it.  Black mold is DANGEROUS and can release spores into the air.  If you suspect mold, call a specialist out.  They may need to knock a wall down to repair and remove!


These are just some of the toxins found in our day-to-day lives. We all need to do our best to remove the toxins, eat a healthy diet, exercise, and always put our hope in Christ who saves us! Instead of being overwhelmed by it all, try tackling one at a time! I am far from perfect!  Remember, this life is a journey, take one step at a time to loving life… Naturally.



5 thoughts on “Are you ready for a dramatic health Change? Removing the toxins will change your life!

  1. Ugh, I have been reading a lot on Fluoride recently- so scary!! Did you know they put it in the water in the concentration camps to lower fertility and make the prisoners more subdued??!!! I just realized that normal filters (like Brita) don’t remove it, so I’ve been looking at special filters.
    Isn’t stainless steel cookware safe? Or are you just talking about non stick? I have one expensive nonstick that I bought that’s supposed to be free of all those chemicals for cooking eggs and stuff that sticks, but everything else I cook in my stainless steel pots and pans!
    PS. I made your pesto again this week, plus your granola (so yummy!) and I’m cooking up another batch of muffins tonight as well as your stuffed potatoes! You’re becoming quite popular around here 😉


    1. That is TERRIBLE about the fluoride in concentration camps! Scary! I have never heard of that before! It is really sickening all the junk that is out there! Stainless steel is supposed to be safe, like that All Clad. What scares me, however, is the aluminum that is used as a heat conductor. I’m sure they are MUCH better that nonstick any day! I do not believe there are any “safe” nonstick pans. I know for cooking eggs if you heat up the oil enough, they shouldn’t stick!

      Thank you so much for your positive feedback on the recipes! I love that your family is enjoying my cooking… so to speak 😉


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