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My Journey to All Natural Living… Healed from PCOS

It didn’t happen over night.  I didn’t wake up one day and decide I’m going to change my life and get rid of the junk. Nope! It would have been nice if that was the truth, but its been a journey. This is my Story…

Since puberty I have struggled with my weight, my self-esteem, acne, and irregular cycles.  I just believed that was how my body was, and I hated it.  I was told by doctors that I could get on birth control pills to regulate my cycle and control my acne.  That was my only option and it did not come with a diagnosis. So thats what I did.  I was on synthetic hormones for years, through my teens and 20’s.  They helped a lot.  I had regular cycles, clear skin, and I was able to maintain my weight pretty well. However, I still did not have a diagnosis and as we all know, any type of prescription comes with side effects and with birth control, those increased with age! I knew I could not be on them forever. There had to be other options!

I was 26 when we got married.

August 17, 2007


We had the time of our lives! The first few years of Marriage we traveled a lot… Fiji, Italy, Hawaii, etc. and just enjoyed each other! It was awesome!

After marriage comes children, or at least it is supposed to!  I knew I desperately wanted to have children, but I knew in the back of my mind that it might not be so easy.  I was scared to get off birth control pills in fear that my skin would get out of control, I would gain weight, and have irregular cycles again.  It all happened.

I had read an article years prior that described all of my symptoms.  It was like I was reading about my own body in a magazine.  Doctors back then were not as familiar with this condition as they are now.  I went and visited my doctor and finally received my official diagnosis! I have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I suspected it for years, but it was nice to finally make it official, so to speak.

Unfortunately, Western Medicine is extremely limited, and many doctors knowledge for treating PCOS was even worse.  Doctors know how to prescribe and they do not educate you on how to treat or manage your symptoms.  I was given two options… get back on birth control pills or begin taking Metformin, a diabetic drug that lowers blood sugar.  Since we wanted children. I picked the later.

After two and a half long years of trying, we were beyond blessed when found out we were pregnant with two little miracles.

IMG_0005Twins! God is so good and he made our dreams come true! We were beyond ecstatic when we found out on New Years Eve and went out to dinner to celebrate!

Taken at 33 weeks pregnant. I was able to take bed rest to the pool and float!

I had a great pregnancy! I was so worried about gaining a lot of weight, but I only gained 37 lbs!  I was actually trying to gain weight at the end of my pregnancy because my Baby B was beginning lag in growth.  I did yoga throughout, which I believe was my saving grace, until I ended up on bedrest at 30 weeks. I was on five weeks of bed rest for the remaining weeks of my pregnancy, but I treasured every minute. I loved feeling every kick and roll, knowing that this might be my one and only pregnancy.

Delivery Day! August 5, 2011
Delivery Day! August 5, 2011

On August 5, 2011, I delivered, by emergency C-section (baby B had stopped growing and they were both breech), two healthy boys, Rocco Gianni (5 lbs 7 oz) and Maximus Matteo (3 lbs 12 oz) at 35 weeks and 1 day. They were so tiny and so perfect! I knew at that moment that I would give them the best. They were pure, they were perfect and they were gifts that I would treasure.

20110813_117(2)20110813_122(2)20110823_15IMG_7197 - Version 2


I knew that nutrition was going to give them the best start in life and I was able to provide that.  I nursed them both. It was so amazing to be able to provide the perfect food for your perfect babies. Breastfeeding is so empowering, so giving, so selfless. I used only natural products on my pure little ones.  I made all of their first foods all organic.



I did the best I could with the knowledge that I had, like most new Mommy’s and Daddy’s.

I have always had a passion for health which developed in high school. I became very calorie conscience to watch my weight, though I wasn’t chemical conscience (I chose low-calories over natural foods).  Through College I became a certified personal trainer. I graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications and returned to receive my teaching Credentials in Health Science.  I am, by trade, a Certificated High School Health Science Teacher, now stay-at-home wife and mommy.

With all my schooling, education, personal training background and teaching, my children have been my biggest inspirations.  Once I stopped breastfeeding, I knew I needed to make a choice… get back on birth control pills, take Metformin to control my PCOS symptoms, or once and for all heal my body naturally.

I did my research.  Because of two little miracle inspirations I cut out ALL processed foods, artificial ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, processed sugars, colors, chemicals, and preservatives.  The whole family started drinking green smoothies and even making natural body products.  What a difference!  Slowly but surely, my body started taking on a new shape.  I was getting leaner, stronger, healthier.  I had so much more energy!  And I wasn’t spending hours in the gym.  I was listening to my body.  I was eating clean, working out two to three days a week with weights, and taking the boys on walks.  It wasn’t over the top.  I wasn’t killing myself in the gym (like I was before!).  I was eating when I was hungry (which was five or six times a day!) and stopping when I was full.  I wasn’t counting calories, points, or following any kind of diet.  I was eating foods our maker has provided for us!  God gave us the perfect foods of this world, humans have made it poisonous… Literally! I gained 37 lbs during my twin pregnancy and I have since lost 47 lbs!

I visited a naturopath (which I highly recommend) and I take natural supplements to control my PCOS… Cinnamon 2000 mg, Chromium 800 mg, Vitamin D 5000 iu (which I was low on!), a whole food multi and fish oil, N-Acetyl Cysteine 600 mg (NAC), and myo-inositol 4000 mg. That may seem like a lot, but you know what? I am not on any prescription drug.  I have healed my body naturally.  I am VERY proud to say that for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, I have had five regular cycles in a row (they previously ranged 50-90 days)!  My skin is clear.  I am at a healthy weight.   My blood sugar is in control. I am no longer a prisoner of PCOS. I am FREE.

This life is a journey.  I am taking one day at a time and learning as I go.  Health is my passion. I am an educator by trade, but more importantly, a life long learner.  I hope you continue to follow along so we can learn together!


What about you?  Where are you at in your health journey… and where do you want to be?

18 thoughts on “My Journey to All Natural Living… Healed from PCOS

  1. Wonderful story Sara. You have shared a great journey. It’s only the beginning and I know many great things are ahead for you and your family. God is good all the time!


  2. Love your story, so inspiring! Truly amazing what a difference diet can make 🙂 Wow, I remember seeing some of these pictures on your old blog, it seems like yesterday but yet so long ago! Really takes me back! I remember our twins were born just a few days apart, but didn’t remember that they were the same gestational age too – I was 35 weeks 2 days 🙂


    1. Tanya! Thank you so much! We did go through so much together! It was so fun seeing our bellies grow! I didn’t remember that they were almost the same gestational age either! I guess we were so wrapped up in our babies when we had them 😉 I’m glad you are now over here on this new journey with me! Are you continuing your blog?


      1. The blog is still there, but I think my last post was when we got back from Jamaica in December! I keep meaning to update, but…………
        I think your new blog may be my favorite of all time 🙂


  3. Dear Sara,
    I just want you to know how proud I am of you. Through God working in you and in your journey, I am a better person and healthier person.
    Love you lots. Mom


  4. Thanks so much for sharing! I was just diagnosed with PCOS and I’m currently trying to conceive. You’ve given me motivation, and some great resources to start my own journey.


  5. What an awesome story! My son was born August 15, 2011, 10 Days after your boys. Once I had my son I also started on a journey to a healthier lifestyle. My little guy was definitely an inspiration as I wanted nothing but the best I could give him. It’s still a struggle for us because papa bear is still holding on to the world lol (food wise). But I believe God provided all that we need to live healthy full lives through the REAL food that is natural to the earth.


    1. awwww…. I love it! We have our little August blessings! That is so awesome that your son was able to inspire you as well! Just keep holding on to what you know of as truth (food wise) and I am sure your hubby will catch on! It took a while for my hubby to as well! Keep it up… and pray!! 🙂


  6. It must be a twin thing! I am also the mother of twins who are now 15. I’ve been battling acne and have had ovarian cysts in the past. Recently (about avyear now) I started reading about eating clean and watched my skin transform and periods become predictably regular every month. My periods are less painful also. I thank God for leading me down a path that has helped me realize how terribly I’ve been eating and how to make wiser choices in my health. My husband returned from his deployment to Afghanistan where he ate poor nutrition and I began to “doctor” him up. His family were in awe that he looked so well after almost a year long deployment. His aunt began to question what type of ingredients I used in our juicing. God is awesome that’s all I can say because He created the perfect nourishment for our bodies! Keep up the good work He began in you and I will praying He blesses your endeavors to help others!


    1. Wow Sonja, 15! Twins are such a blessing! I can’t imagine what it is going to be like with my boys at that age!

      I truly believe sickness can be a blessing… if we allow God to use it! Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” That verse has carried me through so many trials in my life and I know God only wants the best for us… always. How amazing to be able to provide your husband with such a gift of true nourishment! He is so blessed to have you! Thank you for your prayers<3


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