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Top 10 Natural Cold Remedies to Kick your Cold Quickly

Natural cold Remedies

I hate to say it…. I have a cold. Nothing is worse than having a cold in the summer either. Well it is technically not summer yet, but it sure does feel like it!  It is about 75 and gorgeous out.  Instead of playing in the pool, all I feel like doing is resting and trying to nurse myself back to health as soon as possible.  Taking care of 21 month old twins is not as much fun when you aren’t feeling 100%.

I don’t know why, but it seems as if this icky cold is going around. It is an odd time of the year for colds too!  We had quite a party for Memorial Day and I noticed many of the kiddo’s over here with runny noses, including mine!  So this has inspired me to write this post!

Top 10 All Natural Cold Remedies

1. Warm Salt Water Gargle– As hot as you can stand it, add  tsp of natural Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt to the warm water and Gargle. Gargling the salt water will help moisten a sore throat and bring relief.   It works for two reasons:

  • Gargling washes away the mucus lining the throat that protects the germs causing the sickness that are feeding on the lining of your throat. Yuck! Wash those nasties away!
  • Once the mucus is gone, and the lining of the throat is exposed, the salt water washes them away and kills them. Germs do not like Salt water!

2. Saline Nasal Spray- Use it to moisten your nasal passages, clear congestion, shrink your sinuses, and remove germs.  Again, Germs do not like Salt water!

3. Elderberry Syrup– Has been used for centuries to boost immunity and get rid of the cold or flu quicker.  You can also use it to prevent the flu or cold if taken daily.

4. Fresh Ginger Root-  I make a special tea when I am under the weather that I learned from someone at the farmers market and I swear by it… Fresh Ginger, Lemon, and raw honey tea. Take a nub of ginger peel and slice, take a whole lemon chop in 1/4 squeeze and add to the water peel and all, boil for about 10 minutes, pour into your mug and add 1 tsp of honey.

  • Ginger and honey help boost the immune system, lemon juice and the lemon peel are packed with Vitamin C.

5. Fresh Garlic and red onion– Make a tea of 3 peeled whole garlic cloves, a 1/4 red onion sliced, a lemon chopped in 1/4 squeezed and put in with the peel. Boil for 20 min. add raw honey.

6. Drink Drink Drink fluids Liquids will help to flush the system and open up your membranes. Preferably warm liquids and teas.

7. Rest- Take it easy!  Your body is trying to heal itself and needs you to rest!  Take a day or two off from anything stressful, including exercise!

8. Use a Humidifier or inhale steam- to help keep nasal passages open and moist, and help break up mucus in the lungs.

9. EucalyptusMake your own vicks that isn’t filled with petroleum! Recipe: 1/2 c coconut oil, 20 drops of Eucalyptus oil, 20 drops of Peppermint oil, 10 drops of Rosemary oil (use 1/2 the amount of oils for baby vicks)

10. Consume Raw Vegan foods Such as sesame and mustard seeds, celery, beans, almonds, cashews, whole grains, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and cacao powder!  They contain high Zinc content which is known for speeding up the recovery and healing process.

I am hoping these will be the trick to get me back into tip-top shape quickly and naturally!

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Natural Cold Remedies to Kick your Cold Quickly

  1. This morning Mia woke up with a runny nose, by bedtime Ben was coughing, and now my throat is getting sore. I never get sick 😦 Worst part is that my mom just flew in to visit yesterday, so hopefully we don’t make her sick too. I’m a big fan of gargling and using a neti pot of salt water, but I’ll definitely try that ginger tea! Have you heard of using oregano oil? I keep hearing about it, but haven’t tried it yet.
    PS. Made your muffins tonight and they were divine!!!! Oh my goodness I knew they would be good but I wasn’t expecting them to be THAT good! Thanks for the recipe 🙂


    1. Oh no! I’m so sorry you are all getting sick! I was supposed to go to my mom’s yesterday as well, decided to stay and rest. I have heard about using oregano Oil, but i don’t remember how to use it for a Cold? please share! I need the neti pot. I’m just using saline drops at the moment.
      ‘m so glad you love the muffins! I agree the are so good! It’s hard to eat just one 😉


  2. Good sharing of home remedies to deal with cold season.. thanks to sharing this.. at this season we have need to organize our medicine cabinet to battle with cold weather..


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